Our Manifesto

Anchored in Human Prosperity

We understand that global
development and global affairs is
complicated and nuanced. But
regardless of the complexity of
politics, economics, and social norms,
we deeply believe in the fundamental
human rights and human dignity of all
people. To us, this is non-negotiable.
All people deserve peace, justice and
equality, period. This fundamental
belief anchors our work and keeps us
grounded in the larger purpose we are
here to serve.

Embrace Uncertainty As Progressive Innovators

We take risks and believe in a world
that can be through understanding
the current system. Given the
complexity of the issues we face, we
are committed to addressing issues
holistically, understanding we need to
build power and align across multiple
movements and sectors to disrupt
systems. Innovation and welcome
change, challenges, and failures as we
adapt and learn.

Honor Individualism, Through Togetherness

The world is made up of 7+ billion
unique humans. While we strive
to embrace diversity, we honor
the uniqueness of our individual
human experience. It’s in embracing
diversity and difference that we can
thrive, together. Diversity is critical
to ensuring that conversations are
infused with new ways of thinking,
enhanced creativity, new knowledge,
and a deeper understanding of
difference. In promoting quality and
embracing diversity, the Humanity
Lab ensures that individual voices of
people are valued and that all people
have access to opportunity, regardless
of their background, geography and

We Honor History, While Transforming Systems

While the needs of the world are dire
and urgent, we understand that true
change is progressive, incremental and
takes time.

Embracing Dignity and Unleashing Agency

For too long, global communities
and individuals are tokenized in
development. We believe that those
impacted by global issues are closest
to the source of ‘truth’. In lifting the
voices and enhancing the impact of
those closest to the problems we are
working to solve, we can build the trust
needed to create progress. In creating
space for community engagement, we
are able to unleash the agency, passion
and potential of stakeholders who
have systematically been overlooked,
marginalized and ignored. We believe
in the wealth of potential that exists in
human capital. We live by the phrase:
“people don’t need to be empowered,
they need opportunity.”

Fundamentally, We Are Advocates and Humanists

We have the culture of a grassroots
movement that fundamentally believes
in the importance of social justice and
human dignity. Social Justice and
Community Resilience – We create
space to increase opportunities for
those who are least well off, politically,
socially and economically


Responsible and accountable human
progress can only be built if it is
anchored in Integrity, Empathy and
Compassion. Sadly, words that are
often left out of the language used
by the industries that drive global
development, international affairs,
politics, business and innovation. In
aligning our work with human values,
we are committed to ensuring our
work is principled, holistic and built
on the hard work of many social
innovators that came before us.

Break Silos and Inspire Collaboration

We understand how industries and
systems work. Because of our track
record in working with organizations,
businesses, governments, UN, etc etc
we have the power to build.
We believe in collective responsibility
where we co-develop our shared value
through partnerships and meaningful
engagement. We can only achieve this
by acting with Integrity by assuming
best intent and anchor ourselves and
others around human prosperity