Enabling Change For All


As a collective of enablers, the Humanity Lab facilitates public engagement and social innovation to drive progress on human development and create an equitable and just world. Through a diverse portfolio of programs and initiatives, the Humanity Lab enhances global development systems by convening, connecting and collaborating with everyday people to solve complex challenges and drive social change.


We Exist To Shift The Narrative

The Humanity Lab Foundation envisions a just and equitable world centered around collective action and human prosperity, where all members of society connect with their sense of agency and dignity and work in partnership to improve the wellbeing of their communities and the world at large.


Catalize Movement

Inspire thought-leadership, raise awareness and spark a movement for impact

Unlock Potential

Giving people and organizations tools and resources to “unlock their potential”

Amplify Impact

Connect ideas, people, resources to amplify sustainable change

Democratize Power

Democratizing access to conversations that shape the world.

Our Theory of Change



Developing the capacity and forging relationships between change agents, organizations and institutions committed to human development and global equity worldwide.


The Humanity Lab Foundation develops the capacity and forges partnerships between change agents, organizations and institutions committed to human development and global equity worldwide.  The Humanity Lab Foundation initiatives disrupt the status quo and elevates the potential of marginalized and underrepresented communities as partners in change. Humanity Lab Foundation invests into community-driven solutions, amplifies voices from around the world, and creates a unifying message around the urgency of change.

HUMANITY LAB | THINK TANK Generating research and thought-leadership to influence policy reform and systems change to ensure a more inclusive and holistic vision of human development is achieved.

The Humanity Lab Think Tank generates research and thought-leadership to support advocacy efforts and influence policy reform to ensure that a more inclusive and holistic vision for human development is achieved. The Humanity Lab Think Tank has four working areas: Research, Policy, Analysis and Advocacy. Through the creation, aggregation and analysis of data and global reports on Sustainable and Human Development, the The Humanity Lab Think Tank facilitates the space and thought-leadership to advocate for more inclusive, representative, and empathetic policies and governance structures to ensure progress is made on human development.

HUMANITY LAB | EDUCATION Leveraging sought-after global curriculum and a global network of expert coaches, faculty and facilitators, to unlock the leadership to transform systems and ignite change.

Humanity Lab Education leverages leading global curriculum and an expert network of coaches, faculty and facilitators, to unlock the leadership potential of people, organizations and systems. Through tailored online and offline workshops, trainings and facilitated dialogues, Humanity Lab Education develops the agility of participants to challenge mental models that have hindered their past progress, the resilience needed to lead systemic change against all odds, and the ecosystem and community of peers that can serve as a support and collaborative network. Humanity Lab Education initiatives and programs are targeted at individuals, organizations, companies, institutions and governments.

HUMANITY LAB | ADVOCACY Sparking the intellectual curiosity & dialogue to inspire collective action and build movements for change through creative media, campaigns & public engagement.

Humanity Lab Media & Advocacy harnesses communication & advocacy expertise to create media, campaigns, and movements to inspire social change. Initiatives aim to inspire and mobilize global communities and brands to solve local and global development challenges. Through the power of storytelling, high-end production, and inspiring movement-building, Humanity Lab Media & Advocacy sparks the intellectual curiosity and dialogue to mobilize changemakers, catalyze partnerships, and inspire collective action for good. 


Facilitating dialogue, leadership and collaboration between forward-thinking stakeholders committed to solving complex social, economic and political challenges.


Humanity Lab BrainTrusts are skillfully facilitated spaces hosted by the Humanity Lab Foundation that forge cross-sectoral partnerships and collective action to drive progress on human and global development challenges. Humanity Lab BrainTrusts create confidential spaces that enable cross-sectoral dialogue and collaboration between forward-thinking and influential stakeholders and emerging leaders committed to generating progress on human development. Humanity Lab BrainTrusts focus on developing both the personal and collaborative capacity of participants to ideate solutions and lead tangible interventions in their communities, organizations, and collectively as a group.


Convening practitioners, do-ers, and innovators to support knowledge-exchange, shatter industry siloes, and inspire cross-sectoral collaboration.


The Humanity Lab Community is a global network of change agents, thought-leaders, activists and innovators committed to creating a world anchored in justice, equity and progress. Humanity Lab Community members consist of program alumni, chapter members, and people interested in creating sustainable change at the nexus of policy, development, empathy, grassroots movements, and social good. The Humanity Lab Community aims to shatter silos between industries, communities, and people. 


Supporting the positive transformation of individuals, organizations and systems committed to creating a world anchored in justice, advancement and global equity.


Humanity Lab Advisors is led by a group of consultants and global development experts with extensive expertise in development systems, behavioral science and change management. Through an array of consulting services, Humanity Lab Advisors develops the capacity and capabilities of individuals, organizations and institutions committed to human development and global equity. Services include: designing and facilitating bespoke leadership development and change management training; supporting organizational development and reform; and developing creative media campaigns and advocacy initiatives to help brands amplify their communication and public engagement efforts.


Finding Humanity Podcast

Be The One Campaign

Global People’s Summit

  • Hosted during the United Nations General Assembly, the Global People’s Summit is a 100% online virtual event founded in 2017, aimed at democratizing access to conversations that shape the world. Organized in partnership with the United Nations Office for Partnership and in collaboration with global organizations, UN Agencies and other corporate stakeholders.

Outrage To Action Training